Amateur design for Belgian professional cycling teams.


A new professional cycling season, another painful year for design lovers like me when they notice that Belgian professional cycling teams once again display the least inspiring cycling kits of the whole professional peloton.

Hincapie Ronde cycling jersey


Nice design, wrong brand.

Did Alcyon bicycles impose the blue in the Belgian national team jersey?


The French Alcyon cycling brand has been the major sponsor of some of the world’s best cyclists in the early years of cycling. Amongst them many Belgians. Did Alcyon have an important impact on the blue colour of the Belgian national team jersey?

When lines drive you crazy


The past 7 years we have been designing more than 20 national champion’s jerseys and with each design, the same question popped up: Why oh why are the lines on the official Belgian champion jersey running horizontally while they are directed vertically on our official national flag?