Hincapie Ronde cycling jersey


Nice design, wrong brand.

Time-out. Before al you Hincapie fans out there start calling me names, I would like to emphasize that I was extremely charmed by the design of the Ronde jersey that was recently launched by Hincapie Sportswear. Moreover, it reminds me of one of the jersey designs I have been working on for the Sven Nys Cycling collection which you might see in a few months if it is selected for the ‘My Legacy’ collection.

It is a shame though that it is a South-American product by an American brand built on the ‘legacy’ of an American doped cyclist. I don’t know about you out there, but I am clearly not happy with the fact that George and his family are using our national colours to improve sales. Didn’t you do enough damage to cycling George?

That said, the design is awesome and completely my cup of tea. I am especially keen on the way the Belgian flag is incorporated in the sleeves, exactly the way I would have done it. Damnit George, why couldn’t you stay away from the candy so that I could enjoy this design without feeling guilty?



  1. Eddy says:

    Hmmmm….is it naive your opinion no Belgian professional or amateur cyclist ever doped?

    Here’s a partial list:
    Eddy Merckx 1969 Tour of Italy
    Michel Pollentier 1979 Tour de France
    Nico Emonds 1990 Vuelta a Espana
    Frank Vandenbroucke 2002…caught with banned substances and handed a 6-month ban.
    Dave Bruylandts 2004 Banned for EPO use

    FOR THE RECORD: I am sickened by the damage doping cyclist of all national origins have done to the sport I love.

    • Stefan Van Ouytsel says:

      Hi Eddy, Thanks for your comment. I am sorry it took a few days before I posted it since I wanted to instantly reply to it. So here it is:
      You’re absolutely right when you say that these -amongst other- doped cyclists damage the image of the great sport of cycling. You are absolutely wrong though if you understood that I suggest that no Belgian professional or amateur cyclist ever doped himself. What I clearly stated is that a doped cyclist who has nothing to do with our nation should not use our national flag as a commercial billboard, even if the billboard is extremely well-designed.

      NOTE: For those who are really interested; You can find a list of cycling doping cases at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_doping_cases_in_cycling

  2. Rich says:

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